The hardware industry gathers at Hardware Eurasia, the First-ever Hardware Fair in Eurasia

Hardware Eurasia -the first-ever hardware fair in Eurasia made possible with Reed Tüyap's experience in organizing international fairs and powered by the industry's key player HISİAD (Hardware Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association)- opened its doors to visitors on March 23rd. More than 100 firms are participating in Hardware Eurasia, and approx. 10.000 domestic and international visitors are expected to set foot in the fair, which is expected to become the main commerce platform in the industry.

The fair is intended to help increase the industry's export volume. 
Leading hardware manufactures currently operating in miscellaneous business lines, including hardware, handheld tools, hardware supplies, furniture and construction hardware, are gathering at Hardware Eurasia -Eurasia’s Hardware Fair-  held between 23 and 26 March 2022 at the Tüyap Fair and Congress Center located in Istanbul. The fair is expected to attract about 10,000 visitors from many countries around the world, including especially the Middle East countries, the Turkic republics and the Balkan countries. The fair, which will allow visitors to meet the Turkey's biggest hardware manufacturers and brands, will be open to visit from 10.00 to 18.00 during the first 3 days and from 10.00 to 17.00 on the last day.
Procurement committees from Turkey and other countries have been invited to the fair, which will also be hosting VIP visitors. Being the first-ever international event of the Turkish hardware industry, Hardware Eurasia will allow its visitors to meet the industry's key players face-to-face at the launch area in the DIY store section. During the hybrid fair, participants and visitors will be able to communicate with each other via the messaging feature of the Business Connect Program. The fair will bring together domestic and international industrialists, manufacturers, distributors, sellers and tradespeople and allow them to see and compare the state-of-the-art products and services in the industry in one place.

"We expect that Hardware Eurasia will fill a significant gap in the industry"
Emphasizing that Hardware Eurasia is the first-ever hardware fair in the world, Ali Muharremoğlu, General Manager of Reed Tüyap, explains: "Turkey is one of the leading hardware manufacturer. Based on the applications we have received so far, we believe that this fair, which represent the first major event in the industry's history, will attract a lot of attention and prove to be a successful event. It will not only increase the brand awareness of manufacturers in the Turkish hardware industry, but also help them introduce their products and services to a large audience at the same time and penetrate new markets. Therefore, we expect that the fair will fill a significant gap in the industry. With our experience in organizing international fairs, we are looking forward to introduce the hybrid fair concept to the hardware industry."
The fair will contribute to the industry's export targets
The Turkish hardware industry exported 4.35 million tons of products to 200 countries, earning USD 8.3 billion in 2020. Hardware Eurasia -the Eurasia's Hardware Fair made possible with Reed Tüyap's experience in organizing international fairs and powered by the industry's key player HISİAD (Hardware Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association)- is expected to help the industry achieve even higher export targets in 2022. During his speech at the fair opening, İsmail Gülle, Chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), stated the following regarding the export targets: "We are extremely happy to see that Hardware Eurasia is attracting a lot of attention in foreign countries. This year, we are trying to achieve our export target of USD 250 billion. We had calculated that we would be able to achieve this target by increasing the volume of exports by USD 2 billion each month, but we have already exceeded our targets by USD 6.4 billion in January and February. This shows that we will exceed our targets. Geopolitical developments surrounding Turkey have made the country an even more important hub of manufacturers and suppliers. We can see the excitement of investment throughout the country. We are so pleased to represent this excitement of the exporters family. I would also like to add that we are honoured to witness the opening of this fair which will bring the industry's dream into reality. I hope that the fair will bring good luck to the 120 participating companies and the industry."    
"Hardware Eurasia is intended to become the industry's new global display”
Çetin Tecdelioğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of HISİAD, states that they are aiming to make this fair one of the biggest events in the hardware industry in both Eurasia and the world and explains: "Organizing Hardware Eurasia, the industry's first-ever international event, was our biggest dream. We will work rigorously to turn İstanbul into the hub of the hardware industry. The fair will contribute to our efforts aimed at bringing the Turkish hardware industry to the fore and establishing key commercial partnerships. We hope that Hardware Eurasia will help the industry, plagued with supply issues during the pandemic, increase its trade volume and contribute to the national economy. We are one big family with nearly 150,000 employees and 14,000 stakeholder colleagues. I hope that the fair will bring good luck to not only our industry, but also the Turkish economy."
The Turkish hardware industry is in post-pandemic recovery
 Giving signals of rapid post-pandemic recovery, the hardware industry includes approx. 14 thousand firms. The industry exported products worth USD 8.3 billion in 2020, while its export figure reached USD 9 billion 938 million during only the first 11 months of 2021.
The industry, bringing HISİAD's inclusivity with the power of Reed Tüyap's international network, will play an active role in achieving this year's export targets.